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Guest Agrajag

Possible solution for auto-updating ATIS & correct RWY's

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Guest Agrajag

Okay, let me see if I understand a few things before I put my foot fully in my mouth. The general problem with ATIS and RWY's being incorrect is that, upon entering FS9, it uses either the last weather information or the weather information as it was when you came into the game before ActiveSky was able to impact anything.The work-arounds for this are to either change the time by a minute or to toggle Traffic Density off using an FSUIPC key setup.Is that basically correct?If so then I may be onto something. If the above is correct then it shouldn't matter how long you sit inside FS9 because FS9 will not switch the ATIS weather. Well, I thought things were a bit odd when you mentioned to me that the only way to really get the correct runway was to use the Time method mentioned above. I had not done that but was, for the first time in my FS9 flying days, given the right runway for departure.Furthermore, we're all supposed to be setting the weather to Clear, right? So, upon entering the sim, if that weather is what's being set for ATIS then the skies should be reported as clear and the altimeter should be 2992. Correct?Here's what I experience.I auto-launch ActiveSky using FSUIPC's RUN feature (still need to find a reliable way to get it to launch without grabbing focus and jumping out of FS9 when it fully loads). So both load. I then go about setting up my flight. As soon as I return from just about any menu I notice that the weather setting has changed from Clear to User-Defined. I then enter the game. FS9 sets up and drops me at Gate F30 at KPHL in my PSS Dash 8. I turn on ATIS. I hear skies clear, altimeter 2992. I then wait a moment or two (literally) and ATIS, on its own, without my doing ANYTHING say reports exactly what ActiveSky is telling it. Altimeter to 3045, clouds at 5500, etc.Is it my understanding that this should not be happening based on the need for the work-arounds? I also notice the runways are correct now (at least they seem to be).I have a theory if all this is right. If this is all incorrect then I've simply gotten to the point of over-thinking the whole time and I'm sorry to have wasted your time. Anyway, the one major difference between my setup and most every other setup is that I outright REFUSE to set a default flight by setting everything the way I want it FROM WITHIN FS9 and then saving that flight as the default flight. I've found that 99% of people are told that this is the way you should go about setting up your environment.However, I've found that this approach creates all kinds of different conflicts within FS9. It sets the AI to a static state that is the same every time. It sets many other parameters including, I'm fairly sure, underlying basic weather information which I'm also guessing is clashing with ActiveSky's attempt to grab hold.I manually make all my changes to the fltsim.flt file and leave most of it alone. The end result is that all my settings are entirely dynamic on entry just as it is right after an initial install of FS9. You said, "On your initial load of FS, ATIS is set based on old weather conditions." I suspect that in this case "old weather conditions" were those set when everyone saved their settings and made that the default flight. In other words, I don't have any old weather conditions. I have NO weather conditions.Does any of this make any sense? I suspect this is why ActiveSky is setting the ATIS and RWY's for me without my need to do anything except wait a moment for the weather to "set in". As I said, when I enter the sim, the skies are all perfectly clear but I notice that as I'm setting up, ActiveSky has managed to start effecting changes as clouds start appearing. Wind kicks up, etc.

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