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Guest rds_mcleod

Damian: follow-up on WX issue / WideServer-Client

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Guest rds_mcleod

Hi!Back in December one of the Beta testers had a problem with WideFS. Pete Dowson has a new version of both client & server 644.2, etc., in which he's trying to fix a repetative error. You're probably aware of this one. Anyway, I tried using the updates this morning, and the errors are still there. In particular, the error causes the client, to repeatedly re-connect, fail, get a connect, run for a while, and then fail, and try a reconnect. See below:********* WideClient Log [version 6.442] Class=FS98MAIN *********Date (dmy): 11/01/05, Time 09:51:29.796: Client name is PENTIUM1 125 Attempting to connect now 141 Trying TCP/IP host "Pentium4" port 8002 ... 141 ... Okay, IP Address = XXX.XXX.X.XXX (edited out) 1203 Error on client pre-Connection Select() [Error=10061] Connection refused 1203 Ready to try connection again 1266 Attempting to connect now 2359 New Client Application: "AS2004" (Id=3892) 47781 Connection made okay! 641781 New Client Application: "FSGarmin530" (Id=3840) 2784000 Timed out response: connection assumed lost! 2784000 Ready to try connection again 2784047 Attempting to connect now 2784078 Connection made okay! 2792312 Error on client post-Connection Select() [Error=10053] Software caused connection abort 2792312 Ready to try connection again 2792359 Attempting to connect now 2811281 Connection made okay! 2814859 Connection closed by server! 2814859 Ready to try connection again 2814875 Attempting to connect now What happens (ON SOME PCs) is that eventually the hits appear to cause framerate hiccups about every 15-seconds, and ultimately the Server floods and nothing happens. This is likely connected with the local WX not showing up. I'd pass along the Server log but I had to dump the connection for obvious reasons. Here's what was left of it:********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 6.442] *********Blocksize guide = 4096 (double allowed)Date (dmy): 11/01/05, Time 10:38:06.984: Server name is PENTIUM4 15594 Initialising TCP/IP server 15750 Initialising IPX/SPX server 15750 IPX/SPX socket() failed [Error=10047] Address family not supported by protocol family 15750 Failed to start IPX/SPX Server 19547 Closing down now ...Memory managed: Offset records: 0 alloc, 0 freeThroughput maximum achieved: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/secThroughput average achieved for complete session: 0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec********* Log file closed *********Not much there. Anyway, version 6.44 of WideFS isn't much better and I can understand Pete's current dilemma. He's never seen this one before, but I sure hope we get a solution soon. ;-) Ron - CYEG

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