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Guest nangara

Losing contact with ATC, followed by high-altitude stal...

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Guest nangara

On a recent flight from KPVD to KPHX on a PSS 320, I experienced loss of lift @ FL360 and the aircraft rolled to the right. I duplicated this situation on two successive flights on the same route at around the same location -- just right after ABQ. I have AS2004.5 (latest version) installed. Unfortunately, the situation was unrecoverable and the craft broke up in mid-air due to the stress from the ensuing dive. I've read various posts online about wake turbulence, and I'm wondering whether this could have been the cause as the events I've experienced are similar -- nose pitch up, loss of altitude, excessive roll. The one thing that I find strange, however, is that all of this is also followed by an immediate loss of contact with ATC. I can not hear nor even respond to their calls (it's as if the numeric keys on my keyboard cease functioning). The aircraft responds to joystick inputs, but things happen so fast that it's too late to regain control.I thought this may have been a fluke totally unrelated to AS2004.5, but the situation can be reproduced every single time on the same route at around the same time of day. Taking AS2004 out of the equation, however, eradicates the problem. I can accept wake turbulence as the cause, but I'm still befuddled by the sudden radio failure that tends to accompany this event.Anyone else out there experience this phenomenon and care to shed some light on this?Thanks!

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