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There was an earlier build that had been released that was just "weather heaven" for me. I would have proper cloud build up w/out the annoying "pop-ins". Visibility would increase and decrease gradually. I would get gradual increase of haze due to storms building up as I flew down underneath overcast conditions, and like visibility increase as I flew up and over overcast conditions. I would get intermittent rain at times, and gradual clearing into bluer skies as I flew out of a storm. It was absolutely amazing.Now, since the release of FSUIPC 3.47 (unregistered version, the one with the button changes), combined w/b.182, I get cloud "pop-ins", visibilty increasing and decreasing at such a fast rate as I fly in my default Baron you'd think I was in a Concorde. Sometimes the visibility goes from clear to fog, whether I'm near an airport or not. As far as the awesome visibilty increase and decrease due to overcast conditions, I get none of that anymore. And as I fly out of a heavy storm, it's "Bam"...from cloud to clear.I installed an earlier build of Active Sky in an attempt to get the "weather heaven" I had experienced before (I have saved all the different versions and builds to my HD). Took the FSUIPC version (unregistered) that was automatically placed in the Active Sky folder for that version of Active Sky, and placed this in my modules folder. However, when I try to start up FS9 with that version of FSUIPC (unregistered), I am told that FSUIPC (unregistered) will not run with the version of FS9 I have installed. Go figure.After unsuccessfully trying to go back to an earlier build where I had this "weather heaven", and being left w/ no other choice than to run Active Sky, build 182 w/ FSUIPC 3.47 (unregistered) in order to get it to run at all, I have decided to just wait for FS10 and hope the weather environment works better than the one in FS9. I suspect that Active Sky version 5 will give me what I once had before, but do not want to pay for something I previously had that for some reason I can't regain with the current version of FSUIPC (3.47 unregistered) and Active Sky build 182.Thanks again for at times making my flights "as real as it gets". I will keep an eye on this forum and watch for the rants and raves I'm sure that will accompany your new release, as I'm sure they should. Good luck guys (and gals?).

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