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XGraphics: overcast and haze question

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I'd like to pick up on a query posted in the "2 new videos" thread, which I think was never fully answered -- Steve's question about overcast.Living in Scotland, the scene I see more often than any other after reaching 10-20,000 feet in a passenger jet is a sea of white -- but of course it's not just plain white, it has undulating waves, gullies, cliffs, whorls, all sorts of things that I guess would be really hard to draw at 20+ frames per second... :) The important thing though being that in real life you can't see any ground anywhere whether you're 10 feet or 10,000 feet above the overcast layer. Default FSX doesn't do this (unless I'm missing something), does XGraphics?The other thing I'm interested in is whether XGraphics fixes the "sea of milk" effect you see in default FSX when you get above the haze layer. The one that gives you epilepsy if you look too hard at the intersection between it and the mountains. And which does the exact opposite of reality, reducing the visibility of the ground directly below you while leaving it crystal clear at greater distance.If X Graphics fixes these things my credit card is at the ready...

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