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Guest venquessa

Ridge lift.

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Guest venquessa

I am currently flying an ASW-28 around Sion Switzerland. I'm spiralling nicely in the same thermal that's been just south of the airport since I took off, getting between 400 and 900 fpm and it's nice and wide. So I have plenty of time to play with ridge lift.... and its not working.The wind, once I get to 6000ft is from the due south at 12 knots. About a mile away to the north is a rising slope, rising to some 11,000ft to a ridge. Based on intuition and the contents of the AS manual I 'expect' that if I fly close to the slopes of the north valley ridge, given that I have a tail wind rising up the slope beneath me, I should get some lift.I don't. I got a bit of lift along the lower edge of the rise, but it vanished and after soaring back and forward along the slopes I got nothing for about 5 minutes and then a 500fpm downdraft, before I had to return to the valley thermal for altitude again.I've been doing similar tests for the past 2 days and it doesn't seem to respond in any predictable way. All I seem to get are auto VAS points, some of which are insanely strong and throw the glider into overspeed while climbing at 3000fpm up to 30,000ft or more.Settings are: VAS Freq 50% (but I've tried 33 and 100 as well)VAS strength 50% (but I've tried 33 and 100 as well).Is there a defacto, known to work, test for slope and ridge lift with AS?Cheers

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