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Dark Moment

O woe is me. It's not my week.

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I've done it again. I think I must drink more beer.I recently uploaded a file called DCAMAAM8.zip to the main libraries. This contains replacement DXT3 bitmaps for the key external 32-bit textures on the DC-3 Airways floatie repaints (DCAMAAMA.zip), with a view to reducing the hit on systems when DCA pilots get around to flying these bouncing ducks in multiplayer. There have been a couple of hundred downloads to date, most of which are probably by DCA pilots. Although no one has commented yet, I have just noticed that a gremlin snuck into one of the file names. In both replacement texture sets, there is a file called h_surf_t.bmp.It should be called hsurf_t.bmp.Anyone who HAS tried these replacements will see no textures on the horizontal surfaces. Remame the files as above and you'll be fine.Sorry! First it was the README for my water rudders (now corrected in all libraries, by the way) and now this. I think I'll go fishing for a day or two. In the floatie, of course.Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont(pretending, on this occasion, that he's nothing to do with MAAM-SIM)http://www.swiremariners.com/newlogo.jpg



Mark "Dark Moment" Beaumont

VP Fleet, DC-3 Airways

Team Member, MAAM-SIM

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