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Guest Javis

TBM Update Part 1

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Guest Javis

Hi Folks,It's been quiet around our TBM project for long enough,hasn't it.. Happy to tell you we're finally back at it almost at full throw now. Here's a bunch of WIP screenies of the external model for you to take a peek at if you like. Only about half finished, that goes for the textures too but she's alive now so without any further ado here we go with slide show.A brisk day at the virtual Mid Atlantic Air Museum, all's still pretty quiet : http://www.avsim.com/~maamdev/tbmwip1/tbmwip0171.jpghttp://www.avsim.com/~maamdev/tbmwip1/tbmwip0172.jpghttp://www.avsim.com/~maamdev/tbmwip1/tbmwip0173.jpgSuddenly the quietness is vigorously broken by the distinctive roar of a 14 cylinder Wright R-2600 Cyclone :http://www.avsim.com/~maamdev/tbmwip1/tbmwip0174.jpghttp://www.avsim.com/~maamdev/tbmwip1/tbmwip0174a.jpghttp://www.avsim.com/~maamdev/tbmwip1/tbmwip0174b.jpghttp://www.avsim.com/~maamdev/tbmwip1/tbmwip0174c.jpgLooks like she'll be spreading her wings soon...Check out Part 2.Cheers,Jan

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