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A different panorama with Geforce videocards

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I am running 3 CPU's/winXP systems with 3 different Geforce video cards. As time progressed, I bought better and connected the systemstogether now having a front view with two 45 degree side viewsaltogether. This runs fime through the use of WideView (ipx protocol )and FSUICP. So the best systems drives the other twoin terms of location but all systems run the same FS2002pro software.The point is that I have a Geforce3 Ti200 being the left view, aGeforce4 model 460 drives the right view And switched to a front view they behave more or less the same if you look at the composition of the picture and details.However the middle screen which consists of a Geforce4 Ti4400 hasa different interpretation of the world. But the 3 systems arecoupled that means the position is always the same - and in front view all should be consistent in terms of for example the number of islands or mountains visible. NOT for the Ti4400 - I get less information on my screen and the whole panorama looks less sferic -less round if you fly high up. For example flying theGreece island at 10.000 feet I get a more flatten earth and the islands shown look at a greater distance on the TI4400 then with the other two - They look more real and also less foggy So Ihope it is understandable that I am not talking about the quality but about less information and if shown it comes later - at a more distance while even island are allreadyseen on the other two screens The "best" system is noteven showing the contours..... ALL SW and settings are the sameand also the sliders. Believe me I have checked and checked and double checked.... Why in earth gives the best videocard less information and a flatten earth panorama ?PdeBruinThe systems AMD2000+/Intel2000/AMD1800+ with FS2002pro - winXP

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