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Century of flight, yes!

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Normally I'm not bothered with all these anniversaries, '100 years of sliced bread etc' who gives a sh*t?But the Centennial of powered flight. Oh yes, now there's something really worth celebrating. How ironic then, that when Microsoft choose to make a product which upgrades FS2002 and also celebrates such a milestone, all we hear is complaints about how it's 'full of old planes which no-one will fly'.That's rich isn't it? How many people actually 'fly' the modern ones? The programme's called Flight Simulator, not Altitude & Heading Hold Selector simulator!Personally, I've, been buying FS since it was published by SubLogic, before MS got hold of it and don't get me wrong, I fly the modern stuff too - online with a VA as a matter of fact, but whether you like it or not, there is more 'flying' skill involved in keeping a Ford Tri-Motor - with no sophisticated avionics - on course, than there is programming the FMC on an A320. The point is I love all that classic stuff too, and I for one will not let all the vintage aircraft become Hangar Queens. Just flying the heavy metal on A/P until you hear 'Two Hundred' on ILS aproach does nothing for your flying skills!Right, that's me off my soapbox. Engage wish-list mode. Weather-wise, what I hope for in the new version is smooth and gradual transitions between different air masses with realistic thermal activity. That's one thing, the lack of which at the moment, spoils FS. When have you ever realistically vectored around a storm cell in FS? I've done this in real life many times, and it's what makes adequate flight planning so important. The sky never seems like it could be a dangerous place in FS at the moment.

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