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How to update PSS procedures

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There is an interesting problem when updating your SIDs and STARs. It is caused by the system and misconceptions. Some background. I make the SIDs/STARs/IAPs for the PMDG, PSS, 767 PIC, Aviograsf, Flight1, Wilco and Feel There aircraft from the DAFIF database which is updated every 28 days. Besides a few private web sites the other major 'supplier' is It is very important to note that does not produce any new SIDs or STARs for the PSS aircraft. provides a place for others to upload their creations for PSS after which they are consolidated for download as an all in one, 'AIO' file. I think this is a nice service he provides.Now the problem.PSS SIDs and STARs are confusing to update unless you know the system. There are two sources of new SIDs/STARs, 3rd party designers who use sources other than the DAFIF and mine which uses the DAFIF. As I mentioned most other 3rd party designers upload their creations to where their work is combined with the old 2002 database that came with the PSS planes. This is fine as it provides a larger database but it is not clear in the file header that the bulk of the database is the default PSS one and the rest, about 37 airports, is 3rd party uploads from a few authors. There is also no indication as to when the 'new' SIDs and STARs were last updated. I am finding out though that many people think the 'AIO' file is all new SIDs and STARs.Now throw in my DAFIF offering. Every 28 days it is all new, 566 airports. However, because of the single file format and not being able to identify which are the newer procedures in the 'AIO' file it is all but impossible to combine it with the 'AIO' file to get the DAFIF SIDs and STARs incorporated. This would also be a huge task to manually insert all of the DAFIF SIDs and STARs. This created a problem for updating. Which source to use? The answer is to use all sources but as mentioned it would be a huge workload to manually insert all the SIDs and STARs into the old 2002 database.To help decrease this problem I wrote another program that inserts SIDS or STARs into a master database. By using my program (PSS_Insert on my site at you start with the old default PSS database, update it with my database and them update it again with any of the airports available from, some other site or written yourself. You still have the old procedures but at least now you also can update them with all of the newer ones available. Note: Do NOT use the AIO file if you use PSS_Insert. Be sure to read the expanded instructions that come with PSS_Insert.Hope this helps clarify the situation.RegardsTerry YinglingPlanePath

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