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I am trying to map my yoke's built in throttle to the spoiler axis - so far I have not made any progress. I have a CH Flight Yoke PC with a built in throttle, I also have a standalone CH Pro Throttle. I have FSUIPC installed, and I have tried mannually adding the following lines to my FS config file."AXIS_EVENT_07=AXIS_SPOILER_SETAXIS_SCALE_07=127AXIS_NULL_07=36" I still get no response from the built in throttle. I also tried assigning the axis in the FS assignments menu but the built in throttle does not seem to have an axis assigned. Can someone give me a hand here please and give me some instructions on what to do? Thanks a lot. My complete Joystick section from the FS Config is below.[JOYSTICK_MAIN {D1BA53F0-A8B3-11D6-8001-444553540000}]AXIS_EVENT_00=AXIS_AILERONS_SETAXIS_SCALE_00=89AXIS_NULL_00=36AXIS_EVENT_01=AXIS_ELEVATOR_SETAXIS_SCALE_01=102AXIS_NULL_01=32AXIS_EVENT_05=AXIS_RUDDER_SETAXIS_SCALE_05=103AXIS_NULL_05=36AXIS_EVENT_06=AXIS_THROTTLE_SETAXIS_SCALE_06=127AXIS_NULL_06=1AXIS_EVENT_07=AXIS_SPOILER_SETAXIS_SCALE_07=127AXIS_NULL_07=36BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_00=BRAKESBUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_00=1BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_01=VIEW_MODEBUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_02=ELEV_TRIM_DNBUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_02=1BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_03=ELEV_TRIM_UPBUTTON_DOWN_REPEAT_03=1BUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_04=FLAPS_INCRBUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_05=FLAPS_DECRBUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_06=KNEEBOARD_VIEWBUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_07=GEAR_TOGGLEBUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_08=VIEW_MODEBUTTON_DOWN_EVENT_09=GEAR_TOGGLEPOV_MOVE_EVENT_00=PAN_VIEWPOV_MOVE_REPEAT_00=1

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