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Another goody, eh! There are a bunch in the library today, too ... Tunisair and so on. We're being spoiled!Below is a summary from Trijets of all the L-1011s flying today. At least, I think it is. Don't Delta and the courier people still fly a few? Seems only yesterday I was standing by the takeoff point at KFLL watching Delta's Tris scream into the skies ... but it was probably six years ago, I guess. I could check all this easily enough, I know ... Airline: Register: Type: Serial No: Remarks: Air Rum 9L-LDV L-1011-1 1200 operated for Libyan Arab Airlines Air Rum 9L-LEQ L-1011-1 1199 Air Rum 9L-LEU L-1011-1 1226 Air Rum 9L-LFB L-1011-1 1156 Air Rum 9L-LFC L-1011-1 1225 Air Universal 9L-LDC L-1011-100 1231 wet-leased to Sudan Airways when required Air Universal 9L-LDE L-1011-250 1244 Almiron Aviation 5X-AAL L-1011-200 1201 ATA Airlines N161AT L-1011-500 1219 ATA Airlines N162AT L-1011-500 1220 ATA Airlines N163AT L-1011-500 1229 ATA Airlines N164AT L-1011-500 1238 ATA Airlines N194AT L-1011-100 1230 leased from US Bank Trustee Euro Atlantic Airways CS-TEB L-1011-500 1240 The Flying Hospital P4-MED L-1011-100 1064 flying hospital Globe Jet Airlines OD-MIR L-1011-500 1246 leased from Joasro Aviation Globe Jet Airlines OD-ZEE L-1011-500 1239 leased from Joasro Aviation Hewa Bora Airways 9Q-CHC L-1011-500 1209 Jordan Aviation JY-JOE L-1011-500 1243 leased from Joasro Aviation Luzair CS-TMP L-1011-500 1248 [operated by Air Luxor] Orbital Sciences Corporation N140SC L-1011-100 1067 satellite launcher [operated for NASA] Prince Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim HZ-AB1 L-1011-500 1247 VIP transport [operated by Al Anwa Aviation] Royal Air Force ZD948 KC Mk.1 1157 Royal Air Force ZD949 K Mk.1 1159 Royal Air Force ZD950 KC Mk.1 1164 Royal Air Force ZD951 K Mk.1 1165 Royal Air Force ZD952 KC Mk.1 1168 Royal Air Force ZD953 KC Mk.1 1174 Royal Air Force ZE704 C Mk.2 1186 Royal Air Force ZE705 C Mk.2 1188 Royal Air Force ZE706 C Mk.2 1177 Saudi Royal Flight HZ-HM5 L-1011-500 1250 VIP transport [operated by Saudi Arabian Airlines] Saudi Royal Flight HZ-HM6 L-1011-500 1249 VIP transport [operated by Saudi Arabian Airlines] Sky Gate International Aviation EX-044 L-1011-250 1245 Sky Gate International Aviation EX-056 L-1011-250 1237 Sky Gate International Aviation JY-SGI L-1011-250 1234 Star Jet A6-BSM L-1011-500 1222 Star Jet 9L-LDN L-1011-100 1221 [parked @ Abu Dhabi] Star Jet 9L-LDR L-1011-500 1179 Thai Sky Airlines HS-AXA L-1011-1 1147 leased from J&J Holdings Thai Sky Airlines HS-AXE L-1011-1 1097 leased from J&J Holdings Thai Sky Airlines HS-AXF L-1011-1F 1012 leased from Sky Victory International White CS-TMX L-1011-500 1206 Doesn't copy and paste too well, better to go to the site and take a look at: "Dark Moment" BeaumontVP Fleet, DC-3 AirwaysTeam Member, MAAM-SIM[a href=" target="_blank][/a]

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