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Just wondering if some talented scenery wiz would like a challenge.During the 80s I was involved in Oil exploration in the High Artic.I was employed with a siesmic company that worked in the Arctic on the Ocean Ice. My job as ice checker was to ensure a min thickness of 4.0 ft ice over which heavy equipment would travel.The main operational company at the time was PANARCTIC OIL Ltd. they had a major base at Rea Point (CYOX), Melville Island, Nunauvt Lat 75.21.6N, Long 105.43.3W this base was supplied by ship during the short summer.It had a 6000 ft runway which was used by 737s,C130s,727s,Twin Otters,and a variety of helicopters for supplying the various drilling rigs and exploration crews. About November crews would start to flood the existing pack ice in predetermined sites that would have a drilling rig placed on it. The drill rig would need a min. ice thickness of 22ft to support the weight of the rig. A road was also built by flooding to a thickness of about 4 to 5 ft. to each drill location sometimes up to 50 miles from shore of an island in the area. Trucks would be used later to move the rigs onto the sight. I believe there where about 4 to 5 rigs operating during the short Dec to May drilling season. After May ice break up would begin and the rigs would have to be moved back to shore locations.Each drill location also needed an Ice Runway (min 6000ft)for helicopters, Twin Otters, 737s to land at to resupply them as well as for crew changes. Because of severe winter storms and white outs these also served as alternative runways for Rea Point should it be weathered in (its a long way back to Yellowknife). Most of the dilling activity was centred around Cameron Island, Lougheed Island,and Devon Isl. In FS2004 the ice pack doesnt start until about 80 N lat.when in fact in winter its frozen solid much farther south. There is a NDB 396.0 called Sierra 1 at the Rea Point location but no airport or base. The closest is Little Corwallis (CJY2) Polaris Nunauvt approx 132 miles to the east.Working on the siesmic crew required us to move camp about every couple of days. The camp consisted of trailers on skis (3 to a string) pulled by tracked D9 catepillars.In the morning a helicopter or Twin Otter (depending on the distance from the work sight) , would transport us to our vehicles which we left running overnight so that they would not freeze solid. Each camp location that we set up also needed a min 5000 ft runway for resuppling us from Rea Point. For info or pictures do a google search Rea Point Melville Island, or Panarctic Oil.Or post a reply and I`ll put up some shots.Thx

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