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Missing/defect AI aircraft after move

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I bought a brand new computer a few months ago and of course installed FS9 the very first thing i did. I also had a huge amount of AI traffic (both PAI, WoAI and "custom installed") in my old FS9 install on my old machine, and of course I wanted to move all of this to my new machine. So I moved all the .bgl flightplans and all the AI aircraft folders - so far so good.After flying around a bit in my new FS9 install on my new computer I began noticing however that there was less AI traffic than before (I have all the AI sliders at 100%). After some investigation I discovered that some AI aircraft folders were simply defect. None of the repaints in those folders worked, or in some cases only a few of the repaints worked. I had not changed anything in either the flightplans, texture folders or aircraft.cfg-files. I only moved it from one FS9 folder to another, between two different computers. There is no logic whatsoever to this, as it seems like random repaints and aircraft works while others don't.In some cases I have been able to do work-arounds by moving, say, the repaints from my standard "AI AIA_767-300_GE" folder to the WoAI folder containing the very same aircraft which then led to all or some of those repaints to begin working again. In many cases however this has not solved the problem.I have also tried downloading fresh base packages for some AI aircraft from AIA, PAI, etc. and tried putting all old repaints in those new folders with the same results as above; some work, some don't.I have also tried changing the timestamps for all my AI files as well as moving all AI aircraft and flightplans out of my FS folder, starting FS9 to let it rebuild the AI and aircraft database, then moving everything back and starting FS9 again. None of this has made any difference.As you may understand it's EXTREMELY time consuming and frustrating to go through flightplan after flightplan in FS9 to see which repaints and aircraft work and which don't, and then move the defect repaints around to other folders and test them again until i manage to make them return to the FS world. Thus, I'm basically wondering if anyone has had the same problem and know a solution to it, or if someone has ANY suggestions at all as to what I could do to try and fix this issue. I am just about to go crazy over this, as I have spent sooo many hours installing all my AI traffic, and I don't want to spend the same amount of time or more on fixing it too.Thanks in advance,/ MB

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