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Please help me configure this sound in the .cfg

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Hello everyone messing about with the sound.cfg of my 737-200. 1.) I would like to make the JT8D whine more "even". 2.) Right now the whine is stronger on the left speaker, I guess thats because its from the left-seat point-of-view but I would like it to be even on both speakers.3.) They *do* get even on both speakers but only when I press numpad 4 or 6 (wingviews).4.) The volume of the sound also differes when I select different views (numpad)Im not sure what parameters I would have to mess with to make this sound even all around. Can you help? :)Music software has a normalize function where they can make all your songs the same volume. I guess Im looking for a similar effect when it comes to using wingviews and this whine.Thanks!The sounds in question are ban12, ban13, bbn12, bbn13. Extract from the sound.cfg:---------------------------------------------------------------------[JET_WHINE.1.01] filename=ban12flags=0viewpoint=1rparams=0.005000,0.922000,0.942000,1.845000vparams=0.155000,0.000000,0.266000,23.200001,0.317000,47.200001,0.495000,56.799999,0.572000,16.799999,0.683000,0.000000,0.998000,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000link=JET_WHINE.1.02[JET_WHINE.1.02] filename=ban13flags=0viewpoint=1rparams=0.322000,0.977000,1.000000,1.977000vparams=0.155000,0.000000,0.266000,23.200001,0.317000,47.200001,0.495000,56.799999,0.572000,16.799999,0.683000,0.000000,0.998000,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000link=JET_WHINE.1.03[JET_WHINE.2.01] filename=bbn12flags=0viewpoint=1rparams=0.005000,0.922000,0.942000,1.845000vparams=0.155000,0.000000,0.266000,23.200001,0.317000,47.200001,0.495000,56.799999,0.572000,16.799999,0.683000,0.000000,0.998000,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000link=JET_WHINE.2.02[JET_WHINE.2.02] filename=bbn13flags=0viewpoint=1rparams=0.322000,0.977000,1.000000,1.977000vparams=0.155000,0.000000,0.266000,23.200001,0.317000,47.200001,0.495000,56.799999,0.572000,16.799999,0.683000,0.000000,0.998000,0.000000,1.000000,0.000000link=JET_WHINE.2.03---------------------------------------------------------------------

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