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Sound cfgs in views

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Hello all. I am using 2 copies of FS9. 1 copy is devoted pretty much to late 60's/early 70's and I use it soley for AI spotting.My other copy is for flying and newer AI aircraftMy question is the AI aircraft sound naturally appears louder (and better) in "Spot View" and I currently cruise around the airfield in a bus, lol. As I dont have a panel installed on the bus, the "Virtual Cockpit" view gives me a wide and uninterupted view of the airfield. The problem is tho, is that the AI aircraft sound is much quiter (as you would expect, if u were in a bus) Is there any way the "Spot View" sound parameters can be assigned to the "Virtual Cockpit" so you can get full volume back (sliders already maxed)as I dont intend to do any flying with this install, only spotting.If this isnt possible, and I have to stay in "spot view" to get the sound volume, is there any way I can either shrink the bus, or use a tiny model of something (a character/model person perhaps)so that the view isnt blocked.Thanks for any suggestions. Cheers Chris

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