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Soaring, ASV, CCS2004 etc.

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I had my first go at soaring yesterday and I was impressed at first with the thermals I did find through just active sky. I made it a good 30 miles in the default Fs2004 sailplane, from a 5000ft start and reached 8,000ft at one point.So I got the bug.I'm a stickler for real-as-it-gets, so I went looking for soaring sites and managed to get myself an ASW something or other pro-glider. Cool bird with a vertical air movement guage that beeps when it detects updrafts, much better than watching the VSI until you eyes go crossed.I couldn't find documentation for it, so a lot of the technology in the cockpit is beyond me.Back to my question(s).1. Active sky settings. My first flights where with VAS freq and VAS strength set to 66%. I found a number of problems with this however. While I could find thermals all over the place and even some (unfortunately fairly random) slope updrafts and ridge lift. I found that some areas had not one thermal or slope lift. (I was in the alps). Others had updrafts that threw my glider like a paper bag up, up, up and up! I peaked at over 20,000ft in overspeed with the dive brakes out at one point and had to fight to get out of the thermal.In short I don't think the later kind of updraft is very realistic. The former kind seems too random and if it were like that in reality then we would have many many more gliders landing on playing fields.I turned the settings back to default 30% and 30% and tried again. This time I didn't get any 20,000ft whoppers but I couldn't stay in the air for longer than 30 minutes without having to find a field.2. CCS2004 (Cross Country Soaring).I had a play with this, first without active sky, then both together. CCS2004 has a neat feature that allows you to cheat and shows you a bearing and distance to the nearest 2 thermals. However most of the ones I found where about 10ft across (settings where 2000ft to 6000ft diameter) and there was no way to stay in them, or anywhere near them. The lift beeper beeps about three times and even if you do an aerobatic 180* turn, the thermal is impossible to stay in... also they move around a lot.CCS2004 also provides a means to Topo scan for ridges in your elevation scenery, it says it can take a long time normally... I have FSGlobal installed, so it might take weeks to run the scan!Are there any soaring people around who have a good working set up with either ASV, CCS2004 or both together?Cheers Paul

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