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The defualt Kingair 350?

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I have noticed several "tweeks" to adjust the cfg's in the 350 to make it more realistic to the speed you you see when at cruise alt.So as an example with the cruise alt of FL240 (I am trying say 24 thousand ft) and lets say for the discussion the B Presure is (I think standard is 29.) I may be off a bit here but in FS9 at FL240 one could press the "b" key and then I am hoping that allows use here in forums to be able to see the simulair results.In FS9 at FL240 in the King Air 350 at 50% fuel, and the wt as follows (seat 1 lets say is 170lbs, seat 2 = 120lbs and lets place 70lbs in the last seat to represent bags ect. If also the b key command is pressed and the de-ice, prop sync are active what is the IAS you should see sisplayed.I am not trying to be a jerk with all the specs, but previous questions have made me think this helps to speed the time needed to get info back.He is all I am aftr what ever the alt (lets say FL240) and as we use FS9 (we can press the b key that way we are all playing with the same deck) and the other settings as mentioned what should you expect the IAS to say in FS9 with the weather min. I realize we cant turn the weather off in the real world, however with things (things = specs) as equal as can be what would you expect to see at the same FL in the real world. Are the even close? I will call the next question question 2. Realizing that weather, presure, along with many other things come into play is it possible to have a rule of thumb on can use to thinkout that if you took of from sea leveland you stayed at 1000 ft at 190 knts (I think prior to FL of 10,000 ft you need to keep it below 200kts (I am sure I am wrong,) from 190 kts at 1000 ft say just off the beach to 24000 ft in simuliar conditions what might you see if you were in the real world plane.I hope this made some basic question form, as mentioned we can go "back and around every possible condition" however using a "assuming most all are =, we know they are not = but in general" I hope there are some basics to keep in mind knowing that each situation in its own. Thank you.Mark.System:OS:MS Windows XP Professional, Ver 2002 Service Pack 2 Hardware:Intel Pentium® 4 CPU 2.802.84 GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM Radeon X1600 Pro 512MB running a 21/19.6 Sony Flat Screen Tubed Monitorand a 17/16 NEC/Mitsubishi Tubed MonitorGeForce FX 5200 128MB running a NEC/Mitsubishi 18 Flat Panel

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