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JF's Airliner Pilot and Cargo Pilot

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Hello everyone, how are you ? This is my first post here, and I'm a little confused to where should I post a question like this, so forgive me about any mistakes.I already e-mailed JF about this, and they say they always give a response in 48 hours or less, which is not true everytime I looked for their help, and their answers are almost always short, ambiguous and not conclusive, so a friend of mine indicated the avsim community for me to ask this.The thing is I tested the demos for AP and CP and I was a lot dispointed by the fact that both products turn off ALL aircraft systems after take off (like ATC, GPS, Auto-Pilot, and ALL really), so you fly basically blind, only the engines and your eyes, really. The panel still works and all, but for me it is not enough, as I still have difficult to understand, for example, why when I'm heading to 345 in the HDG indicator on the panel, in the GPS I'm heading to 342 and not 345. I think for the most experienced this is not an issue (systems shutting down), but this is truly a barrier for me to purchase any of these products. This is disapointing, as I was looking forward for these career type products.So I was wondering if any users of the two products can tell me if the FULL versions work the same way or not, or if there's a solution or config for it, etc...JF told me that AP can't work with the systems because of the "pre-made flight plans", but I don't see why they couldn't work with the systems, because they all work during ground operations, but everything shuts down after take off.Also, I have to say that I'm an owner of many excellent JF products, and that I do not wish to distress anyone with this. But about AP and CP DEMOS I was sure disapointed, and also about their support. I'm just looking for definitive answers about the full versions functionality from users of AP and CP, so I can finally know if I can buy them or not.Thanks in advance !!!

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