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Where is the Screen Shot forum??

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rbirtel,The screenshot forum was shutdown until such time as we start up our new server (expected sometime in late March or early April). The screenshot forum was slowing the whole forum system down, on our current forum server, and it became necessary to relieve some of the pressure. There were a number of issues causing the slowdown, the biggest issue being that so many individuals were posting screenshots outside the stated rules or guidelines, too close to the 125K size limit or often individuals were exceeding the 5 shot maximum by reposting additional shots through the reply feature. Also there were a number of individuals that were just posting whatever screenshot they could come up with, just so their individual post count would increase. Then there were others that didn't understand the reasons behind limiting their signature size and the list goes on.The purpose of the screenshot forum was so that anyone could post their favorite shot from their favorite sim or PC game. Also it is a great format for those addon authors to show their works in progress (freeware only). Hopefully, when the new server comes on line, we will be able to set the new screenshot guidelines in a way that its fair for everyone and the spirit of why the forum is there in the first place will be followed. Time will tell.Bear!

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