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Guest Nealoc187

Little green auras around all lights - how to get rid?

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Guest Nealoc187

For the longest time, I've had these little green halos around all my white lights at night. I don't recall if they were there from the very beginning or not, but I first noticed them around the time that I installed Ground Environment Pro and the Flight1 PC12. I actually first noticed them on the PC12 as the white nav light on the tail has one that is very obvious (the brighter the light, the larger the halo is). I don't know if it can be traced back either of those, but those are the two things that have stuck in my mind. Every city light (if you get down close enough to the ground at night) has them. I took a screenshot that illustrates them.Notice around the lights on the poles - every white light in the sim has one of those around it - and they annoy me.I've tried nick's light fix but it doesn't do anything about these lights.thanks,NCgreenhalos.jpg

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