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Guest Ted_Thompson

FSX Demo strips FS9 keys from your registry!!?!

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Guest Albatross7107

Something told me I shouldn't, but I did it anyway.I downloaded the FSX demo and installed it. Checked it out. Meh...Then I uninstalled it.Fired up FS9, and it asks me to accept the EULA again... odd, thinks I.Today I fired up EditVoicePack and it tells me that I have no registry key for FS9's install directory.There was nothing else done except install FSX demo, uninstall FSX demo - I don't know what MS thinks they're playing at but it [censored] me off no end.I don't know if there is such a thing here, but if it happens to you http://www.flight1software.com/files/FS_Registry_Repair.exe will fix it. At least as far as I know (edit voice pack starts again now), who knows what else was done "behind by back".

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