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Guest N6245MV

FSTGTSModule Open Beta (RC1a)

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Guest N6245MV

My name is N6245MV, It is my first time posting on this forum but, I would like to welcome any of you willing to join in my new Open Beta for my FSTGTSModule, what is it?It is a flight simulator module that allows users to bind com frequencies to channels for the popular voip server/client software teamspeak. basically you bind a channel to a frequency then when you switch to that frequency on your active comm radio it switches your teamspeak channel It also has several other features... A basic Channel switcher dialog that allows you to switch to a channel in game by picking it off of a list And in game admin.. which allows you to kick players from channels or the server in game. http://fstopgun.net/download_center/images...a.zip.large.jpgAnyway more information and the download can be found :http://fstopgun.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t...c6facdde1a3ffecRead the documentation that is included with the module... It is extremely important that you follow that documentation. Thanks for listening to me.. I am a first time poster.. Hopefully this wont be my last.

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