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Sky and Water Textures - nhandced settings

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Hi there all, Well I had some time last week and I did allot of reading up on nhancer and graphics settings for nvidia cards and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to set and change the settings in nhancer and see an improvement in FS. Jaggies are no longer a problem and the quality of the image is much better and it has not affected my FPS too much. One thing that I have actually noticed is that in full screen mode the FPS now seems to be much better and in windowed mode (not that I ever use windowed mode) seems to be worse off since I have edited the settings. Anyway I am generally pleased with the settings that I have managed to change, however there are a couple of things relating to textures which dont have got a little worse so wonder if someone could help me. The sky texture (mainily at night) now appear to have lines across them as the sky changes colour so instead of merging when the colour changes there is just a line between the colour changes (I hope that makes sense)?The land textures do not appear to bad but the water textures are equally as funny and almost appear green at night?Can anyone tell me if there is a setting which I need to change in nhancer to affect these textures directly or is there something in FS that I need to change for this?I also noticed that my aircraft lights were a little funny but seemed to have sorted this by changing the hardware light control in display settings of FS9. Actually now I think of it all aircraft lights (including AI) seem a little green as well. These are my current nhancer settings:AA - Combined 8SQGamma CorrectedAF - 16XTexture Filtering - High QualityTrilinear OFF (selected in FS9)I have a Nvidia 8800GT 512mb and am using driver 175.19 which seems to be OK. Any help or advise gratefully apprecaited, Many Thanks

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