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Real Traffic - If your a VA administrator/Director plea

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Hi all,and 1st thanks for reading this thread. What is Real Traffic and whats it all about?First of all "Real Traffic" is an application i have written mainly aimed at VA's (but anyone can use it) that will allow the Generation of "REAL" AI traffic.Let me put this into prospective. I am a member of BAV (British Airways Virtual), They have an extansive listing of all flights of pilots to fly both on and offline. I also have been using TTools (by Lee Swordy) for adding AI, which is an excellent app, but can take some time in adding the AI. The idea behind Real Traffic is that my application will take a full flight scheduling list (no matter how big or small) and generate AI based on this list (automatically assigning, flight level and aircraft type). It is possible to add hundreds of AI flights in a matter of minutes.My intention was to realease this application exclusivly to Pilots of BAV only, but my idea was reject as they will not all me to use there flight lists (which is in the thouands). So the application has now changed and i am making this available to all VA directors & admins for distriubution to there pilots. Now i know you VA admins my (or may not) be worried about you flight plans going all over the net, but this is one of the benefits of Real Flight. The system is modular and operates as follows.Flight schedual ---- converter --- Real Flight --- FS2002.Real Flight will be supplied with dummy data ONLY and contain no "real" flight plans. It also expect data in a stand form. This is where the converter comes in. The convert is specific to YOUR VA, and does exactly what is says. This converts and prepares your data for Real Flight is unique to YOU and YOU alone (with the execption, if some other VA sores stuff in EXACTLY the same way you do).If any VA is interested i can send you a sample of my app for you appraisal, if you wish to go further i would need to disscuss how your data is stored so i can write the coverter app (again to VA's and there pilots this will freeware), and questions please e-mail me on (please only contact me if you are a VA admin).To any end user (who isn't a member of a VA), It will work using Standard Airline Scheduals but requires manual "cleaning" of the data in excel. I will write propper interfaces later in the year one the VA stage has been completed.Thanks once again for reading,kind regardsAndy

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