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Set Asa To Only Use Fsx Default Weather Stations

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I am delighted to see that ASA now supports management of weather stations. (reaches for Credit Card ! )QUESTION: Can ASA be easily set to just use standard FSX weather stations ?On of the problems with trying to use Active Sky ( AS )with FSX multiplayer, was that AS generated data from extra AS weather stations, that FSX did not have, which causes a problem, and prevented FSX without AS from being able to understand a AS generated .wx data ( according to HiFi Tech Support)As a FSX Multiplayer Host, I would like to be able to do the following, and it might appear that this is now possible with ASA. :( (1) Run ASA on my PC, and "PAINT" in the weather that I want for given areas, leaving the remainder set to some defined GLOBAL settings.(2) With the defined weather station set to the SAME as default FSX, save the .wx file, that defines the painted weather. (3) So I am using ASA to create a custon .wx file, that is compatible, and can be loaded into FSX, that is NOT running ASA. ( I hope !! )(4) Then I can load that .wx file onto my FSX HOSTING machine, and set the weather in the session to USER DEFINED CUSTOM, and FSX "WILL" send that .wx file "data" out to players when they JOIN the Multiplayer Session, and therefore all in the session will have the STATIC, COMPLEX "SIMULATED" weather, that I have created, using ASA as the weather creating "Painting" tool.I still see litle hope for sending DYNAMIC ASA generated weather over FSX Multiplayer, as FSX does not seem to UPDATE "user defined weather", after the initial sending when a new player joins. :( However, ASA would be a great improvement on trying to use AS, or, manually creating User defined weather with the slow, and cluncky FSX UI.DAMIAN, would the above work with ASA ?Apart from the possibilty of the above, is there any support for FSX Multiplayer been built into ASA ? ( Client-Host system maybe in future ASA update ???) ( FSX MP Community)

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