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Display quality corrupts on use of WideAspectView

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Hi,I have a 22" HannSpree wideview monitor and had never set WideAspectView to true until last night. My zoom settings with WideAspectView=False is .50 These settings are what I prefer and I am sure some of you have found your sweet spot. With WideAspectView=True, the first thing I noticed, since my zoom setting of .50 was still in place, the outside world appeared as though my settings were set at .10 or so. So the first thing I did was bring my zoom setting inward. What seemed like a right setting was actually about .90. This .90 setting appeared to be about the same as the .50 setting I use when WideAspectView was set to False. Here is the issue. No other FSX config settings were not modified and I used the same saved flight. I took off from KSEA 34R, climbed to 3k towards downtown seattle. By the time I was within a couple of miles from downtown, the video display appeared to lose all anti-aliasing. The buildings were now shimmering and waving as though no anti-aliasing had been set whatsoever. As I continued to fly the video display got worse and worse. I kept flying to see if I might encounter a BSOD or another fault, but the sim continued to run. I then tried different zoom settings but it was the same result.Anyway, I could not reproduce this with WideAspectView=False even flying at a simulated 2x speed. I am a little bewildered about this but it is basically solved for me by setting WideAspectView=False. The sim is very fluid and I average around the KSEA area, with most scenery settings maxed, about 25FPS. I am using MegaSceneryX with no Autogen which has allowed me to max clouds, water, AI Planes 50/50, road traffic @50. I am running XP SP3 and FSX SP2 with a 9650 CPU and 2gig of mem, and an 8800gt card OC'd. Also using nHancer with Nicks settings. I was just curious if anyone else has noticed this. Again, going back to WideAspectView=False is just fine with me, I was just really curious what the culprit might be.RegardsBob G

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