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Sound crackling problem with DF baron RXP.

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I just reinstalled my DF Baron 58 in the past two days and I'm having a peculiar sound problem. It seems to be more prevalent towards the beginning of a flight when I first load the DF baron. I am loading the default C172 flight first.When I load the DF baron, any change I make on the startup panel seems to cause a brief blast of crackling sound through my speakers. Then after that has stopped, any view change that requires new textures to load (such as using the POV hat switch on my joystick for the first time ONLY, just the first time when it has to load the files for the new textures of the different views). After the initial texture load, the sound doesn't come back. Then if I were to change views again, or move about the airport surface causing other textures to load (as new objects on the airport surface come in to view) i get more crackling. Then for instance I might start flipping switches to start the plane, flipping a switch or the starter key or whatever causes a blast of static.After I get the plane started and fly from one airport to another, I'd get momentary blasts of static as another airport comes in to view on the horizon and those textures load.So basically it seems to be occuring whenever my computer has to access the hardrive and load something in to ram it seems. It is ONLY happening with the DF baron. Default microsoft aircraft are not doing this, and other payware add-on aircraft are not doing this. It's making my DF baron unbearable to fly as pretty much everything I do like flying into the area of an airport or changing the view causes a bad crackling noise. Any ideas? I have made no changes to hardware or drivers since the DF baron was on my computer before. I only had the DF baron uninstalled to save hard drive space as my HD space is rather limited and I was in the mood to fly big iron for the past few months.

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