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Guest Timbo

Opinions on the ALPHA Harrier Package?

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It's basically like every other Alphasim package (believe me, I've been a loyal Alpha customer for at least two years, and was dissapointed with this package). You are basically paying for the visual model. The package includes a panel with extremely basic instrumentation (no more than five unreadable gauges in all) and a visual model. You are getting very little more than a bitmap with the Harrier panel. The visual model is of a fair quality, but does not have reflective textures. It does, however have specualar highlighting on the model, but don't expect very much attention to detail. The only good thing to say here is that the model actually looks like a Harrier, which seems to be an FS first. This model is not even up to the standard of their C-130. All in all, only get this package if you absoutely NEED a harrier and have a real panel all lined up. Otherwise, this is a definite pass.

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