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I realize there are many design forums here and this is where this post really belongs, but this sort of spans them all, thus I'm posting here.Have any of you good scenery or aircraft designers out there tried out Paint Shop Pro 8? I got mine a week ago, and IMHO it is a complete disaster :-fume! Very little is where it was, the help files for items that have changed don't reference where anything WAS (in fact, the help file is a misnomer), what used to take 1 click now takes 2 or more, and even drawing a straight line has become a headache. For example, there used to be a menu item at the top entitled Masks. Now you can find mask access under EITHER Layers or Selections menu (it's up to you to figure out which you need). If you want to make a background colour transparent and you don't know how to do this anymore (and you won't - that has completely changed), you now have to look up help under the Palette heading. It is nowhere to be found under Transparent/Transparency, etc. In fact, there IS no help topic of Transparent/Transparency! Today I went to save a mask (after finally figuring out how to do it on my own), and it won't save it because it says there is another file by that same name. There is, but it is in a completely different folder that I have not asked to be scanned! Even when I deleted that file, then restarted the program and tried to save it again, it still tells me there is a duplicate so forget it. It doesn't even ask me if I want to overwrite it, it just refused to save it, even to a totally different folder!I've been fighting with this program for a week now, as I say (and I used PSP7 for several years) I'm tired of fighting with it. It's back to 7 for now, and then I'm going to look hard at Photoshop.My question in all this is, is anyone else finding what I'm finding, or have I just lost what few brain cells I had? Secondly, does anyone here use Photoshop, and how do they like it? Is it relatively intuitive? I know it is much more powerful than PSP so I expect there to be a learning curve, but even if the help files will list how to make a colour transparent under the heading "Transparent" (or very close to that), that will help a lot.Thanks!Glenn

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