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1.We tried over a dozen times trying to connect using "Connecting to VATSIM" guide as pilot and co-pilot. Our computers simply do not connect to each other period, they simply say unable to conneect, once we get to that point we cannot connect. We tried using the vvm channel freq box no help. We are open to all suggestions. WE really want to use this option and are willing to go the extra mile. We would happy to teach others as well. This may not seem like a big issue however, when you nephew who wants to become not just a good pilot but the best wvery learning tool is tremendous. As a former Airline pilot this toll is a remendous teaching aid. PLease help use get this up and running. I might ad my nephew also has very high asperations of getting into the Airforce as a pilot. I know its tall order. However, I am going to do everything I can to help to get him into the Academy. I also now have stressed the iimportance of understanding ATC therefore HE WILL BE A Controller. If anyone has a VATSIM legal way of doing this we are all ears. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYONES SUPPORT AND CONTRIBUTIONS 2.What version of Flight Sim : FS9 or FSX ? What version of Pilot Client : SB4 / FSInn 1.3 ? What OS : XP / Vista ?3. use Norton 360 and turn off all firewalls before trying to login into multiplayer VATSIM. I am using FSX and so is my friend. We are both using FSInn 1.3 and windows XP. Could windows be blocking us? if so please tell us how too unblock windows protections. We also have tried to to use FSInn VVM freq box, we put in freq tune our radios nothing is there somthing there we could do? AGAIN THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT.4.Honestly we need step by step instruction on how to connect multiplayer,voice. No acranyms or common VATSIM Mutiplayer vocabulary. As you can see we are very at new multiplayer. If your going to ask us FSInn voice tell exacatly how its done. If you ask us to use tell mutiplayer tell exactly how you did it. THANKS FOR THE HELP, BUT WE ARE GETTING FRUSTRATED

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