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757-200, MD-11, A320/A321

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Hey folks,I'm having a hard time deciding what to install. I already have quite a variety of aircraft which I am very pleased. Boeing heavies from Project Opensky, Airbus heavies from CLS, A319 from Project Airbus, 737-3/4/500 from 50North 737NG from Project Opensky, Regional Jets from Project Opensky, etc....My preferences is something between Freeware and PMDG quality. I love changing views during flight to wing view so (dynamic) flexing wings is very important. Apart from the 737-3/4/500 from 50N (which I currently can live with without) all my aircraft have dynamic flexing wings and I'm sure you'll agree decent FDE. Now I prefer to get a good mix of great visual (including wing flex and wing view) and decent FDE. Not at a level of PMDG. Why not? I don't want to drain my system and don't want to be spoiled not being able to enjoy all the other ones I have. So I'm getting a bit frustrated with the last following aircraft I want to obtain.Boeing 757-200, MD-11 and A320/A321 at POSKY level (I want to try to keep all my aircraft at a same level of quality. So mixing e.g. POSKY with CLS and PA seems to be a better contrast than mixing/adding PMDG and Overland).The problem with the Posky 757 is, it has no wing flex. I already got spoiled with that from my other aircraft so it's hardly enjoyable and I don't want to limit it to the winglet model. The CS 757 seems to be too much demanding and PMDG level (which would be too much) and apparently doesn't have decent FDE.I got the MD-11 from Overland, but then again are the FDE decent on this one??A320/A321Again I got spoiled from Project Airbus A319 hardly beeing able to enjoy the non-wingflex PA A320 or perhaps the old-fashioned winflex from IFDG A320/A321. Well I might be able to get over that old-fashioned wingflex and get back the IFDG A320/A321Anyway to get to the point.... on my preferences what 757-200, MD-11 and A320/A321 would you reommend (great visuals, wingflex and decent FDE [not perfect..... just better than MS or Overland])??Perhaps after your recommendations I might be able to look past those lack of features of IFDG, POSKY, CS, PA, etc....Thanks in advance,

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