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FSX Gamespy Solution - How To

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FSX GameSpy solution: How-ToWe realize the way to fix the multi-player issues with FSX and GameSpy.If everyone creating and running servers follows the following advice the problems will all but go away. We run a popular group with over 66 nations involved. We have hosted hundreds of sessions and this works.The problem:When logging into a GameSpy it very often gives the message that you may have logged on from another computer. This can result in having to attempt login several times before you can get connected. A real pain. The Cause:By default, GameSpy puts all new logins in the Free Flight lobby. Also, most of the session servers are also there. Because of this, this lobby is extremely over populated. With set limits of how many logins are allowed in each lobby the result is the system constantly trying to make room for all the logged in users. It will reject a connection simply because there is no room for it. Or, it will kick someone else to make room. While there are hundreds of people active in Free Flight lobby, several other lobby's are empty. All though we do not know the exact policy of how this is done, we have found the solution.The solution:Put your server in the appropriate lobby. We all want our session to be popular and attract new people to join the fun. However, many of the sessions in the Free Flight lobby are locked, or password entry only. This suggests a group has a server and only those involved have the keys. If these locked servers, or any other servers for that matter, were put in a lobby that is more descriptive of the activities involved the main default lobby (Free Flight) would be less populated therefore allowing more room for logins. You are already running a password, what would it hurt to move it as well? This will benefit your users very much as well as helping everyone as a whole. Distributing the load to these other lobby's which have the same limits as Free Flight we assume. Make sense?FSX will remember that last lobby you used. And upon logging in you will be in that lobby flawlessly each and every time. Try it. So, if you run a Virtual Airline, set up your session there. Bush flying in the Bush Flying lobby. Adventure type session go in Adventures, etc. If we all do this, our multi play activities will be much more enjoyable. All of this is especially effective for the session which are locked or run a password. Because obviously not just anyone can enter. So why not put it in a different and more appropriate lobby so your people can log in easily each time? If you run military type sessions, put them there. And so on.At first, your server will be quiet, but over time as we all adopt this method, people that really enjoy your interests will be able to find you in a pleasing manner and your sessions will be full of like minded users. And more importantly, Gamespy will become more friendly for all. We think the problems will all but vanish.ChattanooganGotBush? - Virtual Back Country Flight

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