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Hi, Just got the new B2 version update. Looks very good, I have not tested DWC or the VIS control though.On B1 I had no gusting wind at all, but now looks very good. Im pretty sure the winds are in the right direction and I am getting surface winds. I have decided to not use the DWC due to the global WX set mode, I just dont like how it works from the SDK's description. I was also not getting gusts with DWC and sometimes weird temp flux on B1. So, with FSUIPC wind smoothing and no DWC it works really good. There is one more thing also, when making a mission I would always use something I called the layer cake effect. The weather engine allows for 20 layers I think. It takes wind info from the current layer+2 layers down and combines it into the depiction, so wind shear is havoc when not properly delt with. wind directionIf you have a Layer at 220deg and a layer at 360deg with the next layer abv that at 340deg the wind will be going in circles. However if you have this setup it prevent wind flux. This is all using no wind shear until the surface level.In the orginal the wind will be fluxing maybe even up to a fourth layer on top of L3.L=Layer D=DirectionOrginal L3=D340 L2=D360 L1=D220 Mission Fix L5=D340 (L5 is now D340) L4=D340 (500ft abv L3) L3=D340 (500ft abv L2) L2=D360 L1=D220I just say this because it looks like you have 12 layers being used for wind. That leaves 8 extra unused layers if true. I have used 3 fix layers at times, one for about every 60deg works pretty good. If 3 layers are no more 30 deg apart you dont even need a fix.Wondering if you ever messed aroud with a setup like that using Simconnect. If not, have fun.Anyway look foward to any future fixes and nice job on the Beta2.

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