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Vista performance improvements

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Good Day,Like most people, I have experienced my fair share of performance problems since my switch to Vista, FSX and the 747X. After much consternation, I think the performance tips below will help relieve many of those problems. Since making these changes, I have flown around the world in 5 legs (LAX-YSSY, YSSY-VHHH, VHHH-EGKK, EGKK-SKFO, KSFO-VHHH) with no OOM problems, freezes or the like. Before I made these changes, FSX was guaranteed to freeze up on every long flight in the 747X.This is with a clean FSX install, Acceleration upgrade, up to date 747X install and no other addon enhancements, scenery add ons or additional add-on airplanes. I plan to add some environment enhancements and other aircraft and will see if I still get the performance I need.My System:Dell XPS 720Intel Core2 Extreme QX6850 Factory overclocked to 3.33GHz, 8 MB Cache4 GB DDR2 SDRAMNvidia 8800 GTX 768 MB RamWindows Vista Home premium additionFSX Deluxe edition with acceleration upgradeAntivirus- AVG freeNote- Do the following at your own risk- I don't know what you are running so you may turn off something important. I also won't tell you what I turned off for the same reason. If you are uncomfortable with modifying your registry- Don't do it. 1. Do an internet search for Vista performance tweaks. You should find several entries about turning off programs in your services and startup tabs using msconfig. Some are no brainers (like an updater for a program you already removed) but my method was to google each entry and decide if I could turn it off. I found numerous entries in both the startup and services that I turned off. This will help even if you can't implement tip #2 by freeing up more memory for FSX.2. BCDEDIT /set Increaseuserva XXXX- Google this before you try it and you should also research the /3GB switch (not necessary for Vista implementation but explains what this is about). Not all revisions of FSX can use this (acceleration and SP2 can) so update FSX before proceeding. Next, calculate how much memory you can make available. The calculation is: 4096 (virtual memory addressable space)- 768 (VM for Video)- 768 (VM for operating system)= 2560 VM available for programs. The BCDEDIT command then becomes BCDEDIT /set increaseuserva 2560 for my system. Vista seems to be functioning OK with 768 Mb (default is 2 GB for the kernel hence the need for increaseuserva to get more VM for programs) but you may need to tweak the number if you have problems. You run this from the command prompt so be careful. You will get a message like completed successfully if done properly. There are a lot of discussions threads about virtual memory and/or physical memory that I will leave for you to decipher. You can use the calculation above, adjust for your video card ram and how much you need for Vista and get the value you need for the increaseuserva command. One other great tip from Bananimal on the Nvidia forum. Before you start, update your Nvidia drivers to the latest version. In FSX set filtering to Anisotropic and check the antialising box. Go to your Nvidia control panel and set the antialiasing mode to "enhance the application setting". This way, your card only performs antialiasing on objects FSX deems necessary and saves your plenty of GPU cycles. This one works wonders. Your actual FPS will vary depending on your other settings but this should give you a significant improvement right off the bat. This works great with my 8800GTX and should work with many other Nvidia cards. May also work with other cards with similar controls.Hope these help. Before attempting these changes make sure you understand the ramifications. Your system may become unstable so once again, do this at your own risk. I spent a lot of time researching the above before I made the changes- I suggest you do the same. I am definitely not an expert, especially with BCDEDIT, so I leave it to others to explain if necessary.Good Luck and Happy Flying.

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