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Guest jaapverduijn

What happened to the MAAM announcement post?

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Greetings Stiff!You have more trust in the inherent goodness of humanity than I have. When somebody says: "It's possible that I stole this or that", I'm pretty certain he KNOWS he did, and he's covering his... well... eh... hind cheeks and such. Then somewhere else, either in the snuffed thread on this matter or on "another site", I remember to have read an exchange on this issue, where a poster (not me) wrote that MAAM had sort of sneakily admitted that they might have "inadvertently" (sic! That's the word MAAM used!) used some of Roy's stuff. Whereupon an apparent insider reacted along the lines of: "There was nothing sneaky about that admittance. They honestly and OPENLY admitted that they had used some of Roy's stuff".But I gladly apologize anyway. For, among other things, so stupidly expecting that MAAM finally puts their "written agreement" where their accusing mouth is. But I don't think they will do that anymore...Look, even if Russ, Bill and the rest of the MAAM crew are totally, completely and utterly right, the stupid and suspicious way they handled this, will have done them more harm than they bargained for. "c'Est le ton qui fait la musique" (I'm sure this saying is known in the US and the UK), and the tone in which MAAM is conducting this whole affair is in extremely bad taste. Jaap Verduijn.

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