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Guest marcelteaching

Help advise on how to best configure a SATA raided (2x160GB) Q6600 2GB 8800GT running XP Pro

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Guest marcelteaching

Help advise on :1) How to best configure my system for performance (hardware/configuration wise)2) I do have a little extra money and I am considering upgrades (From here http://www.msy.com.au/Parts/PARTS.pdf) that will give me the best 'bang' for my dollar.3) If FSX should be installed on the RAIDED drive or the Hitachi4) I am thinking of having an extra screen or two - getting another Video card, getting some new screens and using my existing LCD for something like My Traffic X or FSX Commander (any ideas for optimal fun?)I would like to run FSX, Accelleration, FSX Commander, My Traffic X and Air-Hauler or equivalent, and well as OZx scenery (aussiex.org/)I have: EP45 DS3 M/BoardQ6600 ProcessorNvidia 8800GT 512Auzentech prelude 7.1 XFi1 TB Hitachi Sata Drive2 x SATA raided (For Performance) (160GB) 320GB Total (I am reconfiguring the raid configuration including stripe size - any suggestions?)2GB 1066 MemoryRunning XP ProLogitech 3dPro Extreme (For now - Planning for either G640 or X52) Any advice?I am currently reconfiguring my system to run FSX and Accelleration optimally, but lack the experience to know what works best. I am aware of the guides on optimising FSX and will do so, and also how to best defrag / optimise the system itself, at least to some degree...PLEASE HELP! Thanks!!!! - Marcel

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