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Shimmering Texures and Mip Maps

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Guest realatp

Hey guys, I have some freeware scenery I really enjoy, one problem though is that the textures shimmering alot. No matter how much AA I add to FSX at this airport it still shimmers. Now, I contacted to developer awhile back (forget who it was) and he told me that I could use Image Tool and the FSX SDK to take these textures and make bip maps with them and then but them back into the proper folders and the shimmering would go away.I have zero experience with FSX SDK or Image Tool, and all I want to do is convert these textures so they stop shimmering. I've alos heard that Aerosoft has some products that shimmer and that they advise there customers to do this to get rid of the shimmering. I wanted to ask over at there forums, but I didn't buy any Aerosoft Scenery lately and I think they'd get ######. That's why I came here. Ok, so a detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated. O ya again I have no experience with scenery desgin or anything like that, so take it easy lol. ThanksJ T COLLINS

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