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Help binding more exotic keyboard events to keyboard buttons

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I fly the CRJ 700, and I am having a few problems with certain keyboard bindings. I am using an old keyboard as an overhead panel and it all works like a charm except for the hydraulic switches. The default CRJ 700 has three hydraulic switches: Engine 1 Hydraulic (on/off), Engine 2 Hydraulic (on/off) and APU Hydraulic (on/off), and there are no key codes to bind these to in my Standard.xml file. So my question is; is it possible at all to bind the hydraulic switches in the overhead panel of the default CRJ 700 to specific keys on the keyboard I use as my overhead panel?----------------------I also have another question. The APU starter has two key codes:1. KEY_APU_STARTER - which starts up the APU, and2. KEY_APU_OFF_SWITCH - which shuts down the APU when it is no longer neededOn the CRJ the APU start switch is a toggle switch, meaning that the same switch is used BOTH to start it and shut it down. There seems to be no key code to TOGGLE the APU between on and off state. And as far as I know it is only possible to bind ONE function to any particular key, but I need the key to stop the APU if it is running and start it if it is not. Right now I am having to bind the start function to one key and the stop function to another, and that is not how the setup is on the CRJ. Is this possible?Thanks for your help,Elev.

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