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Outer Terrain Grid Structure Map 2.0

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Hi everyoneI've just uploaded a new version of my GTL grid structure map to the Avsim library. This version includes Andre's new outer terrain area north of Seattle and adds a search facility, which enables you to search for a tile using FU3 world co-ordinates. To find out the world co-ordinates of any OT area simply open Fled, set the top-down view to the latitude/longitude of the area you're interested in and click the latitude/longitude figures that appear in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The latitude/longitude figures will disappear and be replaced by FU3 world co-ordinates as easting and northing values. Enter these values into my FU3 GTL Map, click the button and the spreadsheet will map these co-ordinates to the correct tile and return the tile name. If you don't know the latitude/longitude of the area you're interested in then you can always obtain this from within the game itself. Just start a flight in the area you're interested in and press Ctrl-z at any time to enter Zoar mode. This will pause the game and display the current latitude/longitude in the top left hand corner of the screen.A word of warning about the search facility: because we're dealing with co-ordinates the upper right co-ordinates of any given tile are identical to the lower left co-ordinates of the tile immediately above and to the right. Similarly, the upper left co-ordinates of a tile are identical to the lower right co-ordinates of the tile immediately above and to the left. So, if you accidentally enter a tile's exact upper left (UL), lower left (LL), upper right (UR) or lower right (LR) co-ordinates as an easting or northing then the search will return the first possible match, because it won't be able to determine which of the available matches you're actually looking for. However, the chances of you randomly selecting an area that just happens to be at one or more of these exact co-ordinates are extremely remote, so this shouldn't be a problem. In the same zip file you'll find a separate spreadsheet containing world co-ordinates for all 2460 GTL tiles. This spreadsheet contains four sets of co-ordinates defining the lower left (LL), upper left (UL), lower right (LR) and upper right (UR) corners of each tile. You won't find this dataset in the GTL Map, which performs an internal calculation to find the tile.Kind regardsJonathan S.gtlmap.png

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