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Guest Richard_H

Carenado Centurion's Engine Settings

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First, I would like to add to the list of raves of this plane. I loved the Dakota, but hated the VC so much, that I went back to the DF Archer. The VC on the 210 is one of the best that I've seen for clarity, and if they make it clickable with their FS 2004 update, that would be superb.I also love the feeling of weight with this baby. You really have to trim hard, and if you idle the throttle on final's, she plummets like a stone. Excellent.Not too bothered about the VC view to the side - it's a bit like that on Cessna's. I don't like the external engine sound - sounds like a hair dryer. Also she really hurts the frame rates, and is almost unusable on my 400Mhz laptop. I guess that's the penalty of having such a beautifully rendered plane and VC.Now my real beef (and this does not apply to this plane). Maybe real pilot's of complex planes can help me here.Why do we never get recommended engine settings for Complex planes in the main stages of flight? With the 210 specifications provided, you only get half the picture. They do recommend 2550 RPM and 25" in the cruise climb. After that you get a range of figures in the cruise. But which one is considered best for best performance, and minimum noise? Do you have to just play with the controls? Any hints/suggestions would be much appreciated.Decent and landing information is a mixed bag too. I suppose you can work out the landing MP, as the prop is maxed and you have pre flap / post flap target speeds. However, what's the target speed for a cruise descent?You may say - it's a free world, pick your prefered settings. Sure, but in my real life flying of simple SEPs, I've always had recommended revs suggested to me for the main stages. For example with the Piper Warrior, it's max throttle in the climb, 2250 RPM in the cruise, and 1700 RPM for descent and landing.Thanks for your helpRichard

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