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Limited visibility issue...

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I flew COS-STL today, gave me a chance to fiddle with things in FS9 enroute...I discovered that as you slide your visibility distance further out, the horizon raises. Reduce your vis, the horizon drops. Creates some interesting uptical illusions re: your attitude, the world just "ends" wherever you put the slider, no gradual reduction. I was descending into STL and suddenly the horizon dropped about a half inch. It appears that either I need to crank a slider up or some "haze effect" is broken. Sliding the distance out gives me a "normal" horizon (way too clear tho), pull it in and the horizon disappears under the nose (very sharp when I look down tho)...Were there haze involved, it would look right, but when the clear, sharp dark horizon line suddenly drops, it looks all the world like a wild pitch-up.What am I missing here? The only haze I ever see is right near the plane, fading into clear visibility farther out, kinda backwards from what it should be...Really need some haze here...and the appearing/disappearing clouds are odd. Turbulence is sorta fun tho.Thanks,Dave

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