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hello AVSIM!ill get to the point, im recently quite new to the world of Computer Flight Simulation i have several questions and querys that i would appreciate if you answered!1)can anyone send me a manual? or a guide or info on landing properly with a 737 for FS2000! remember im new, ive mastered takeoff etc but landings hard and the FS2000 manual is really poor! is there any guides or guages that can aid me with regards to landing speeds and Flap References in the flight??? thankyou2)Are there any weather generation utilites for FS2000 that are downloadable out there on the net, i mean ones that dont require an internet connection etc, just a simple, random weather generator that works offline or whatever with FS 2000! thankyoulastly3)ive had FS2000 for a few weeks now, and its running fine, but just recently the sensitivity of the Axis have become really over the top!!! i dont know whats going on!! im taking off and making proceedure turns during climb to stay on course, after takeoff, and as i turn, then level up, the nose franticly starts going up and becoming really iratic!!!! help!! this never used to happen when i use to use it! it sways eveywhere, and although it doesnt really effect the flight, it feels really unprofessional!i would really appreciate it if you could reply, it would help me alot!

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