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Ariane 737 900ER X2 GPU/APU wont connect or start

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Hi can anyone help.I have seen this thread that was posted recently about the same problem as mine but didn't find the answer there; can not comment on Araine's product support as i only purchased the plane yesterday and recieved the activation the same day which i understand has been a problem for some.What i do know is that it seems that the answer might be on their forum but despite registering an account with them yesterady morning they have still not emailed me confirming that it is active. and thus find myself unable to login as of yet!When i load the plane up all the displays are black and i am unable to request the GPU ground connection, jetway or start the APU not matter how long i leave it in the start postion. All other drop down menu options work such as request fuel truck, open cargo doors, etc...The master battery is on but i also have no power to the overhead panel. The GPU switches also dont work for me but i'm sure that they are suppossed too?I have followed all the steps outlined on their support page about installing to windows 7 and their checklist for black displays and still nothing. See below FSX. Displays are all black.Q When I have activated the FSX aircraft, I go to the aircraft to load it and the displays are all black. How do I get them to show the colour displays? A Operation One. The displays need to be brought 'online' via the systems. There is a procedure for turning on the displays that is explained in detail in the Training Manual (this is located in the FSX directory inside the ARIANE/MANUALS folder). The first process is to enable the systems using the APU or Ground Power APU. After doing so the IRS alignment procedure must be carried out before the displays will be enabled (and look like they do in photographs of flying aircraft). Unless the procedure is followed corretly the displays will not show. Operation Two. If there are no dsiplays showing at all, check the following:ESSENTIAL INFORMATION PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS When installing our product for FSX make sure that you have the following installed correctly: 1 Microsoft FSX Update SP2 (or FSX Accelerator). Without this our simulation software will not work at all. The software has been designed to work with Microsoft's FSX SP2 only. Having MS FSX SP1 will not enable the product - you MUST have SP2 installed or you will have black screens showing and no displays or gauges functioning. Importance Level: 102 Redistributable C++ Pack See this improtant pack from the Microsoft web site: <a href=""> Level: 10 2a .NET Distributable .NET Framework v1.1 (or later) is required. Importance Level: 103 FSX Display Settings. Make sure your settings are set as we recommend in the install manual. Open your copy of FSX and make sure that the slider settings match EXACTLY or, are set HIGHER than our settings as shown. If you do not set them this way then we cannot be held responsible for your panels looking blurred or being of poor quality. We run our simulator as high as 2500 x 1600 resolution to test it and know that the quality is very high even set as low as 1280 x 1024. Importance Level: 10 4 Memory. Make sure that you have enough memory for FSX. The base setting of memory should be 4gb. 2gb may not be enough. Importance Level: 95 Drivers. Make sure that you have the latest drivers from Nvidea or ATi Radeon. The latest drivers will give you the best setting. Importance Level: 86 DX10. If you experience problems with any loading of our products in FSX, go to the FSX DISPLAY menu and locate tbe PREVIEW DIRECTX 10 setting. Untick the box (turn it off). Some graphics cards are not yet ready to run a preview of FSX DX10. Some drivers cannot run DSX10 in FSX at all. Importance Level: 10 If you still have problems with running the product then it could be that you have some software that is interfereing with it (some strange effects have been reported with some high density PC Aviator Scenery products such as the North West Area of the USA for example and where master FSX files have been replaced ith developers own, then it is likely that FSX may crash repeatedly. If this is the case then re-install FSX and check with each developer of the produtcts you wish to load, asking them if they change default FSX files and if they do, do not install their product/. FYI: Ariane or its developers do not change any default files in FSX whatsoever). Remove the problem software or disable it to see if this improves the situation. If not then locate other software and remove it or disable it. FSX is on its own hard drive so this morning i unstalled all add-ons, accleration and fsx. Cleaned the registery and formatted the drive. So now all that is insatlled is aclean copy of fsx, acceleration and the Ariane 737-900ER as it was mentioned that other products could be a cause for this due to conflicts.I am a little frustrated to say the least. And at

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