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PanAm VA Relaunch

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New York, February 6th, 2010routepagefilm.jpgLeaving busy weeks behind, PanAm VA introduces its website, new policies and revised Dispatch System which includes 1121 flights of several PanAm real world schedules of different eras. Aircraft flown by PanAm VA's former real world counterpart include the Boeing 747-100/200, Boeing 727-200, Boeing 737-200, Airbus A310-200/300, Airbus A300B4-203, ATR-42 and the Dash-7.Our Classic fleet describes the era of the 1960's and 1970's and refers to aircraft such as the B707, B 727-100, etc. Historic refers to the propliner era of the 1950's and earlier.The schedules represent PanAm VA's Mainline operations including all flights of PanAm (U.S. domestic, South America, the Carribean, Transatlantic, European and Inter German Service), PanAm Express (U.S. Northeast Domestic Service and the PanAm Shuttle (Hourly Service between New York - LaGuardia, Washington-National and Boston).Flights from an airport will be sorted by departure time. Also, you will see the frequency of weekdays when this flight took place.Here is a small example screenshot of KJFK departures:pa1z.jpgAlso, the assigned flight will contain the proper Clipper registration, name and the actual SELCAL code where research was successful (almost everytime in a patience requiring process) plus the actual timetable the flight was taken from:pa2l.jpgpa3.jpgIn the near future PanAm VA will add further flights from real world schedules ranging from the early days to 1991 when its real world counterpart ceased operations. In the past years we mainly rewrote its whole homepage. Thank you to everybody who supported me in testing, picture editing, etc.Further improvements will include a rewritten policy manual.While the VA tries to strengthen its current Hubs New York-JFK, Frankfurt and Miami it will be able to expand its operations on focus cities that are already destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, London-Heathrow and Berlin-Tegel based on the current schedules.The VA will also be able to expand routes to Asia , mainly from KLAX and KSFO, when timetable data ranging from 1982-1985 will be inserted into the Dispatch system.This era will also add the operations of L1011 and DC-10 aircraft.Already started and extending in the long run, PanAm VA also plans to run classic routes from the 1970's containing aircraft like the B707 and B727-100 plus historic routes representing the prop age of the pioneer of all airlines. PanAm VA will then extend its current Dispatch system containing 3 eras: Mainline, Classic and Historic flights.Further plans in the near future include the improvement of our fleet management for the dedicated online flightsimmer.So expect more from PanAm VA!We hope we can adress our commitment to the dedicated flightsimmer.If so, we hope you will join us!

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