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FS2002 From a Passenger's POV.

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Hi all.This post will probably get buried in all the 2004 posts, but I just had a neat experience I'd like to share. Thanks to Melvin of MelJet, and the 777 virtual cabin, I did something a little different today. Since the object of Flight Sims are to ...well, fly the planes, I wanted to see what a passenger in MS's virtual world might see, and compare it to the passenger experience in the real world. I was quite impressed!With my Februrary trip from KATL to KSEA still fresh on my mind as the last commercial flight I took, I set up Active Camera in the 777 to be the same view out the window as I had in the Delta 757-200 on the way home. Sort of at a low 9:30 position, where I could see out to the side and about 45 degrees below the aircraft. I built a weather setup from scratch to match as close as possible with what I remember. Basically, scattered clouds at different levels up to about 10,000 (I remember the clouds thinned out right about the time the Captain gunned the engines of the '57 to accellerate past the 250 limit)Anyway, with a quick and dirty flight plan created in FSNav, I pulled up the GPS to monitor ground speed so I'd know when to rotate, and immediately kicked in the Fly Flightplan feature of FSNav after wheels-up to let George handle the flying while I watched.It was quite a surprise! You tend to overlook such details as the apparant movement of the ground getting slower as you climb higher, or the lazy banking until it looks like you're going to flip over, as seen from the low side of the a/c in a tight turn (I LOVE those!), when you're busy flying. It reminded me very much of the real flight I took, with the exception of the 777's higher power and climb speed than the '57. I flew this way for about 200 miles, just watching the scenery float lazily by as I do when flying commercial for real. It was a nice diversion for about twenty minutes or so. Anyway, thought I'd share. Thanks a ton, Melvin!Jon

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