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Lights On Aircraft?

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Hi to all, I would like to know hoe to get realistic reflections from aircraft lights. I have the shockwave package but it does not cut the mustard for me. Basically can somebody tell me the following. 1. Can i edit lights on aircraft which have wing flex. (Is there any thing in the CFG or anything i can do?) 2. I was watching some night takeoffs, and i noticed that the stobe lights reflect on the ground. Can i do a tweak to make this effect in FS2004 3. How can i make the anti collision (BCN) lights reflect on parts of the: wing,engines and fuselage of the aircraft? 4. If i open the effects folder up, it comes up with all the lighting effects. Can i do something with the anit collision lights (BCN) so the bottom and top lights flash to gether, like in real life. In FS they don'y flash at the same time, they are out of time. 5. When pilots switch on the landing lights it illuminates the inside engine covering. Can somebody tell be how to get that engine reflection when landing lights are turned on. 6. Ive noticed on the CS757 thats the strobes "blink" yellow. In real life they "flash" not blink and they are a slight shade of blue. Can i alter this effect on the CS. Im good at tweaking with CFG's so it will be not a problem if you go into great detail. Also most of the questions above iam refering to the "CAPTAIN SIM 757". So has anyone got any suggestions, i would be very greatful cheers, Wowk!

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