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Just a tad bit dissapointed..

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I have been reading many posts concerning FS2004 and thought I'd share my 2 cents. One has to factor in that when you start the default FS2004 and compare it to FS2002 with 2+ years of 3rd party addons, it is hardly a fair comparison. A truer comparison would be to compare a default FS2002 installation and default FS2004. And with the exception of missing bridges and a few other ATI driver issues, I think the sim is an overall improvement over FS2002, but it does need lots of 3rd party help, which no doubt will soon come. I especially like the new sky (color etc), however, the weather, thus far, has been overall dissapointment/letdown to me. One still gets the rapid changes in the weather; you can go from clear skies to cloudy and vice-versa instantaneously. It is such a pity, I thought from previews that we could see storm fronts in the distance and fly to or from them, but you can't. Also, it seems to me that one can't always fly towards/thru the clouds , the clouds seem to move away from you (possibly a programming to save FPS), something just seems wrong to me about the weather. It's just not what I expected! Maybe I'm just picky, but here's what I'd like to experience: Select LaGuardia (KLGA), which is currently clear skies due to a passing rain storm front travelling north-northeast at 25 kts. As I prepare to fly towards Boston, the following should happen:1) When I look to the northeast from the airport, I should see a front (or backend, not sure I have the lingo right). 2) I should be able to fly from clear skies into the backend of the front without any rapid changes in the weather. I should see this but I don't.3) As I descend into Boston I should again get closer to the clouds and although it's clear skies above the clouds, as I descend into the 'soup', it should get darker. Again, the change is subtle, not rapid. As I break thru the clouds, I should see dark and gloomy weather... you get the point. In conclusion, I will obviously keep the sim, but this to me was a major let down.Peter

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