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Guest Miller

Some rough benchmarks for 2004

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System is about two months old.P4 2.4Ghz256 333ddr40Gb HdMX-440 SE 64ddr 8X AGP19" CRT monitorOn board soundMS Force Feedback 2 JS I've read through many posts about performance and thought I would put up some of my numbers for reference. -------------------------------------------At 1600x1200x32:All sliders set to far right maximum for everything and all radio buttons on in the 'Settings' in FS2004.6-12 FPS Full Screen12-20 FPS Windowed (Not full screen)2-3 second hangs or 'stutters' now and then. -------------------------------------------At 1600x1200x32:Settings reset in game from the above maximum settings to 'Medium Low' in FS2004 drop down menus.20-35 FPS 16-19 FPS (with Radio Stack, GPS, and ATC windows open)------------------------------------------At 1600x1200x32:Settings reset in game from 'Medium Low' to minimal for almost everything.23-60 FPS (alot of fluctuation)------------------------------------------At 800x600x32:Everything set to 'Medium High'.50-60 FPS No hangs. No stutter. I think everyone needs to simply run 3 or 4 benchmark tests like this on their own machine, changing the settings while in flight using the alt key and going to options, to get some idea where along the performance spectrum their machine would run best. After finding some reasonable FPS target, move sliders to the right a little at a time and/or turn on/or/off things like AA and recheck FPS until you get the best performance for your particular setup. Everyone has their own preferrences. This is the first flight sim game I have ever bought and I have never been a pilot either RW or simulated. My own preferrence is for their to be no 'stutters' or hiccups in flight. I want smooth flight and would rather sacrifice scenery detail. On the other hand, it seems once you are airborne and gain altitude, that the FPS stabilizes and you can switch, in flight, to a higher graphic detail and not lose much in performance until you make turns or land. Also, I am sure there is someone who could do the math and deduce how many pixels a particular machine could draw per second with different resolutions. I am wondering if there is a chart of that somewhere in someone's pc or desk drawer. It would help to post that. Or, if enough people did a benchmark test like above and posted it in one thread here, the community would have a very good picture of what the high, medium, and low end machines should be set at to run at optimum FPS, rather than everyone searching about in the dark.The only bug I have run into so far was the Airspeed Indicator stopped working a couple minutes into my second solo flight and I had to land without it. I used the sound of the engine and tach to help determine the landing speed. Not bad for a stone cold rookie eh? An amazing game to say the least. There will be bug patches as there always are, but so far I can't really complain. The Forcefeedback 2 is working quite well also, which surprises me for some reason. I suppose the key phrase is 'so far'. Is there a 'top 5' of free or cheap downloads for FS2004, such as scenery or objects, that everyone normally gets? As I said I am brand new to sim flight so would appreciate all suggestions and comments.Lastly, I came across these XP tweaks to help performance in FS for XP users. I haven't implemented these myself yet, but will be shortly. some of this helps.MillerMiller

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